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PostSubject: Application Info   Fri Dec 03, 2010 3:10 am

Never Ending recruiting for Cataclysm

We are currently recruiting:

Deathknight (Blood Tank)
Feral Druid (Kitty/Tank)
Priest (Holy)


First let me tell you a little bit about the guild before we start.

Never Ending was the best guild on Tarren Mill, in TBC times, but its members split apart and moved onto other guilds such as method and pacifism (worlds top guilds at the time).

Some people quit the game as it was the middle of Sunwell Plateau that this happened. Either way some of the members we have currently, are from that time, as well as others who have played in Loot Ftw for a long period of time and have had brief spells in Ensidia and Method.

We have members who have killed LK HC 10 and 25 on more than 1 character as well as RS 10 and 25 heroic. We have done all the achievements together and also whilst gathering members we have held a pug (25 man)that has done better than any of the guilds on the server currently (Alliance side).

We have no GM or officers to speak, we all chip in on decisions, being such a small group of people but Venom (Founder) is the person who will have the last say on something that is very difficult to decide. Whether that is loot or a raidspot.

Loot will be decided by who it suits best (stats wise), or who it is best for on progress (gear level wise). We also wont be using any attendance/performance monitored add-ons because low performance/attendance won't be tolerated.


We can offer you good raids, good stable raiding environment. If you wish to apply to this guild then we do expect certain things. If you don't meet these requirements then don't waste our/your time. What we ask in return is the following:

* 18+ ONLY - This is not age discrimination, it is simply in our experiences throughout the game we have found that people below the age of 18 have a tendency to take the piss, not take it serious and/or have a lot of other things going on. We want full dedication not half arsed.

* Player Ability - We want players that are competent in their own abilities. Someone who cant perform or keeps dying to simple things don't have a place here. We want people who are very confident in their abilities. This also includes being very enthusiastic about raids, showing you want to be there, and you want to get better, being competitive about being the best there is.

* Progress raids - We understand that people have jobs and other commitments stopping them from playing wow to the maximum as a top guild would. But we do expect you to have time for when new content is out. I.e taking a few days of work or college would be a big plus if you could, but not a necessity. We will raid as many days as we can as many hours as we can on progress.

* Class/Game Mechanics - You MUST understand how your class works 100%, all specs and all different aspects. Knowing this for other characters is a bonus and will go a long way. Again knowing encounters is off your own back not ours, unless stated. You must also have a basic understanding of each fight we are going to encounter in Cataclysm, as well as the knowledge of basic game mechanics such as dragons breathe fire and tail swipe and sometimes cleave

* General tearing - If you are someone who can't accept the fact that sometimes your class may not be needed for xx fight or, another class is better for xx fight then this isn't the right place for you. The guild will always come first and never the players if you aren't prepared to do that then don't apply. This also applies to loot, if your here for loot then look elsewhere.

* Attitude - We want people with the right attitude. The " i cba" attitude wont last here. If raiding for long periods of time doesn't suit you then this isn't the place for you. We also expect people to be able to take criticism and to have an answer for a mistake if you should make one, which we all do. We do not expect some moody answer we expect a straight answer nothing more nothing less.

* Ventrilo - Common sense really, if you cant speak on vent dont apply. Raiding with mutes is not something we tolerate, especially on progress. That said we expect people to be calm and collective as well.


If you wish to apply, then following information is required:

* Your name (RL and Character)
* Nationality
* Age
* Armory Link
* UI Screenshot
* A small brief description of your hobbies outside of wow, what you do for a living, other games you play etc.
* Guild History
* Pve experience
* Computer and connection information
* WoL reports or WMO.

** IF you don't know how to do any of this then then don't apply **

All apps should be well written and filled with information. Applications that dont have the information we require will be discarded.

Apply here at : http://neverending.omgforum.net/forum.htm

Or Feel free to contact either Calistro, Venom or Pret in-game or via PM on these forums.
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Application Info
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