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PostSubject: HOW NOT TO APPLY TO NEVER ENDING (PRIME EXAMPLE)   Sun Nov 28, 2010 6:34 pm

This is an application we have recieved if you plan on writing something like this expect to be declined / publicly humiliated.

Please enjoy your read.

Real-life Name: (Removed)
Age: (Removed)
Nationality: (Removed)

Ingame Name: (Removed)
Class/spec (and off-spec if relevant):Mage,arcane / fire
Armory link

i have been playing WOW for 5 years now, since classic wow, but i havent been in its raids, in TBC have been raiding its contents, but sorrowfully ddnt catch illidan and now in WOTLK ICC bosses down (11/12) hc (10m) , RS 10/25(normal)

Can you abide by our raiding times / looting system?
availability for raiding during the week? still depends on the guild , but mostly everynight

i always pref grps,good ones and as for me , am quite cold person Smile good attitudes and polite and i dnt get mad from ANYTHING !

Computer / Net info : 512 mb / usual latency 150-200 , dual core proccesor 2.5 GHz 3mgb cache , 3G ram, ATI hd 4550

Why we should accept your application to Never Ending? am looking for a good10 man guild, and ur looking for good players to assist u with ur mission Smile

i was a member of (Removed) for some tim which is a 10 man guild during WOTLK such guilds only improves players skills but also gives them chance to clear all contents b4 others not mentioning being unique among other server players , wht ever they raid or they cleared from bosses , being unique is the most thing iam looking forward to
How do you think this guild will suit you? Very Happy will suits me very much 1st i pref 10 man-raids, ppl are more focused in it , competitive and always better when it comes for achvs + in 25 u get uncomfortable lags/delay which reduce ur capability and willingness to play

1st let me say why am playing wow!, i have been playing wow to play with my irl fiends
we r a punch of friends used to play warcraft at internet cafes , when WOW came put we tried it, liked it, some of us got addicted to it , but for me i like interacting with other ppl, improving even my life way ,skills or socially for my studying, i am FEE (faculty of electronic engineering) 4th year now , i like drawing,3d thingies, games and cartoons,aiming for good life i hope, been working on som 3d progs like 3d max, when u come to WOW , YES i do love wow but i never make it take my "real life time" but still love to waste my time on playing some wow Smile
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