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 Retri paladin application.

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PostSubject: Retri paladin application.   Thu Jan 27, 2011 11:13 am

Ingame name : ashez
Age : 18+
Country : Sweden
Computer : (Intel core i5 "quad") (4 gig crosair ram) (Msi radeon 5770 hawk) (internet conneciton : 100/10 BBB)
Class : Paladin (retri/prot)

Hi you are probably wondering why i think that i could be an attribute to this guild. And the answer is that i have had lots of raid exp in both vanilla and wotlk if that counts Laughing. Ive also downed 6/12 bosses in cata and are burning for more. The question why not more and why not stay in that guild are easy. They only raided 3 times a week and they had problems making the times that where set for the raids, and that is why im applying to this guild. I want more raid time. More progress and kill more bosses. I know my class and i know its weaknesses. I have a firm grip around tactics and are always well perpared.

When i raided vanilla,wotlk, i played on my mage "feint" since it whas so long ago i dont remember the guild names. But for my paladin i have played in Tarelugntaahtarelugnt. yes the guild name is very hard to pronauns Smile.
I havent got the best gear but i make up for that in not wipeing form stupid mistakes other would make. Im eager to progress and love to succeed. I have nothing against criticism it helps to evolve as a player and team mate. And about the loot system, im with you a 100%. I want to progress not wine over an item. If its gonna boost the players preformance its gonna help the guild to progress and thats what im all about.

Btw i whasent able to insert the link to armory on the chars but you can look them up (Ashez - tarren-mill) (feint - stormscale )
Have a nice day Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Retri paladin application.   Thu Jan 27, 2011 4:10 pm

withdrawn apply
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Retri paladin application.
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