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 Cross realm application, Holy Paladin

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PostSubject: Cross realm application, Holy Paladin   Sun Jan 09, 2011 1:23 am

About you

Name: Mehmet
Age: 21
Location: Ankara, TURKEY
Activities that effect raiding : Since it's only 2 days per week, i'm quite sure i can organise my social life to not to effect raiding.

WoW Details

Character Name : Machariel
Class : Paladin
Level : 85
Spec : Holy
Offspec : I change my offspec all the time, from Holy PvP to Retri but if my guild needs me with a specific specc, i'm willing to respecc.
Armory Link : Machariel
Screenshot of UI : Machariel UI

Player / Guild Experience

I started to play WoW at Frostwhisper when WotLK released. Was playing a hunter named "Cirnellé" during that time. I was raiding the first content with a guild named "Parabellum", it was a casual guild then i decided to join a better guild with more dedication so i left Parabellum and joined "We Are NOT Repaired". Cleared Ulduar with some hardmodes (25M Mode). When Call of the Crusade patch released our guild seemed to screw at easy bosses and officer crew fell apart due to endless failures. I needed to go somewhere else but Frostwhisper was completely dead so i joined "Purge" in Sylvanas. I've cleared TotGC 5/5 at there, we got server 4th kill of Anub'arak on heroic 25m mode. When Icecrown patch released, i was bored of WoW and my hunter completely, took a break of 3 months and moved my warrior to Dunemaul to play with my irl friends. I simply slacked there, did PvP and ICC 10M heroic. Oh and my warrior's name is "Tralzugh". Slacking period became really boring for me and we ( 3 irl friends from Dunemaul ) moved our characters back to Frostwhisper and joined Thule. I was planning to play with my warrior in Thule but they were in need of a holy paladin badly so i started raiding with my paladin in Thule. Thule got realm first LK 25M heroic kill but after a week of that kill a argument happened between the officers and almost all the hardcore players of Thule left it and formed another guild. We tried to resurrect Thule, in a month we build our raiding crew again and got 11/12 ICC 25m heroic. Endless attempts ( actually failures ) at LK 25m HC just hatched our playing ambition, i was sure that we weren't gonna do any serious raids when Catacylsm hit. And ofcourse it happened, 6-7 hardcore members stopped playing, a few of them left the guild to join 10m raiding guilds. While waiting for our 25m crew to get back and ready for raiding, we killed 9 bosses of the new content on 10m mode. Just missing the final bosses of 3 raids right now. Now, we got our 25m ready to raid but people are playing it without passion and not paying attention at all. I'm bored of raiding with people those can't even move out of fire or walk through fire to get rid of waterlogged. I'm looking for a serious 10m raiding guild right now and that's why i want to leave Thule.

I'll just add my guild history, characters and the reasons of leaving them.

Parabellum (Frostwhisper) - Was playing with my hunter, Cirnellé , left due to lack of dedication.
We Are NOT Repaired (Frostwhisper) - Was playing with my hunter, left because the problems between the officer crew and lack of progression.
Purge (Sylvanas) - Was playing with my hunter, left because i needed a break. Then i started to play with my warrior.
Infusion (Dunemaul) - Was playing with my warrior, Tralzugh. Guild disbanded because some of our friends wanted to migrate to Ravencrest to join a high-ranked Turkish guild.
Thule (Frostwhisper) - Still a member of Thule with my paladin. I want to leave Thule because i'm bored of raiding with slackers and 25m raiding is too messy nowadays.

What can you the player bring to Never Ending

Well, i'm a player that gets ready before an hour of the raid time. I always bring my own food to the raids. I always want to perform my A play so i use the latest enchants, gems and flasks all the time. Watching and reading about fights is a must for me. Out of raid times, i love doing pvp, mostly i play with my warrior when it comes to PvP. I'm not an achievement hoe but sometimes i just feel like getting moar and moar points but i just get bored of wasting my time on them Razz And just realized that my comment was kinda long for the question, i'll bring Never Ending a serious raider, a good friend and a badass warrior!

Computer / Net info

I'm using a laptop for raiding. The basic info is -> 4GB RAM, 320 GB Harddisc, some model of Ge-force graphic card, 2MB. Using laptop coolers so, using a laptop for raiding never become a problem for me, it's simply a gaming laptop and performs well.
My net is 8MBPS and i play with 50-60FPS and 90-130 MS during raids.

Why we should accept your application to Never Ending?

Because i think i'm capable of anything that Never Ending wants to achieve. I'm an organised person ( STUDYING LAW, SUP ) and bring that organisation to the raids. I always want to be a part of a succesful guild and give everything to earn that spot, so i think i'm good enough to be a part of Never Ending.

Can you abide by our raiding times / looting system?

I know your raiding days and times and it definetely fits me well. 2 days a week is great, must say that my girlfriend really wants me to join Never Ending, she's bored of sharing me with WoW 4 days a week Smile
And yes, your looting system ( council loot ) would be the best if your council is fair enough, so yeah, that's cool for me, too.

Any other info you would like to share with us?

Hey again, it's Mehmet from Turkey. I'm studying law in Baskent University in Ankara. I got a band, playing electro guitar and doing back vocals. Living here with my girlfriend. I love going out and get drunk with my friends at weekends, hangover ftw! Guess, it's all i can add right now, you'll get know about me by time if i can get a spot in Never Ending.

Thanks for reading my application, please let me know if you need any more information.

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PostSubject: Re: Cross realm application, Holy Paladin   Sun Jan 09, 2011 1:26 am

Sorry forgot to add that i won't be able to raid till 21st of January due to my exam week. It starts tomorrow (10th of January) and will end at 21st of January.

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PostSubject: Denied   Sun Jan 09, 2011 9:42 am


We do raid a little more then 2 times a week, thanks for the application and hope you find a better solution to the GF-aggro (get her addicted as well Wink).

Thank you for applying to Never Ending Guild and good luck with your future endeavours.
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PostSubject: Re: Cross realm application, Holy Paladin   Sun Jan 09, 2011 10:12 am

Sorry, that was what Venom told me yesterday, when i talked him/her to in-game. Can you please inform me about your current raiding days? I'm sure i can fit unless it's more then 3-4 days a week.

(Working on the addiction!)

PS: If the rejection's reason isn't just the raiding days, please let me know.

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PostSubject: Re: Cross realm application, Holy Paladin   Tue Jan 11, 2011 7:41 am

Application withdrawn.
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PostSubject: Re: Cross realm application, Holy Paladin   

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Cross realm application, Holy Paladin
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