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 Huglife - uh/frost deathknight.

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PostSubject: Huglife - uh/frost deathknight.   Fri Jan 07, 2011 4:07 pm

Name :Daniel
Age: 19
Location : Trollhättan (Sweden)
Activities that effect raiding : girlfriend / friends, partying Smile

WoW Details

Character Name : Huglife
Class : Death Knight
Level : 85
Spec : Unholy
Offspec : DW frost
Armory Link :
<--- this character that I played on in WotLK wich the guild "Order of the hammer".

Player / Guild Experience (Explain about you as a player class wise and what guild history you have had and what you have achieved in the process)

Hey guys, as u can see I'm an UH deathknight(since it makes the most dps atm) and I've been playing it since WotLK. When cataclysm was released I decided to leave my main character (bigsizé) to play on this DK who was on shattered hand too.thankfully I learned playing deathknight really fast because I played it alot in the earlier wotlk.I was however trying to PVP with this character since me and my irl-mates find a pretty sweet 3s setup.But I've always been a pve guy so that's why I'm looking for a strong-endgame PvE guild.

Earlier guilds:

When I reached 80 with my warrior I joined "Order of the hammer" wich was a great guild,great atmosphere.I learned alot by playing with this guild.about teamwork etc.But since I decided I wud play my DK in Cata I felt that there was no point in being in that guild anymore. So I left and joined "Ghost Division". wich is not a hardcore pve guild.

I had 1 alt too during WotLK and that was Thugcow (tarrenmill horde).

I was in several guilds with that character like,
Crew" <- joined that during ToC. Left because GM took alts to progressing raids.

Jetpack Ninja Dinosarus <- great but short-lasted guild. disbanded after a month. but I succeeded to clear 8/12,12/12 icc10 with it.

I've also been in the 25 man guild "Awakenings" wich was the most boring guild I've ever been in. hated the slacking ppl in it.

then I joined the PVP guild Justice wich I'm currently in.
"Justice". wich is a great guild with alot of funny ppl and atmosphere but no PVE guys (sadly). I mainly joined justice since 4 of my irl's was in it.

I achieved alot in that guild like 11/12 icc25 heroic and halion25 heroic. + I gained alot of friends.

What can you the player bring to Never Ending
I can bring a positive and a experienced player.I'm very quicklearned and I know my class well.
I can great dps that is required for cataclysm content.
I always bring flasks/potions to raids.

Computer / Net info

Windows Vista
I'm really not in to computers but it's good enough for any content. always above 60 fps in raids.
I never get's DC's or anything.
Why we should accept your application to Never Ending?

Because U'll gain a great and dedicated deathknight dps who always know the boss-mechanics .well almost never fails (who's perfect?? Wink )
Can you abide by our raiding times / looting system?
Yes ofcourse. Else I wouldn't apply to a top-guild.

Any other info you would like to share with us? (Use this opportunity for us to get to know you, knowing what kind of person you are we could somehow relate if it is the case) Like it says above my name is Daniel and I've been playing wow since the vanilla with my mates and I loved wow ever since. I usually play 5-6 hours a day if not more. I'm always attending raids.


I am gonna fix the best enchants/gems possible if I get in this guild. I will also get enchanting to get the buffs that it gives.

I also don't mind sitting out raids if u don't have a spot for me. I would just like to give me a shot and u'll actually see what a great player I am.

I hope you accept the application and if not. Good Luck in Cataclysm. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Huglife - uh/frost deathknight.   Fri Jan 07, 2011 4:09 pm

lol my armory didn't show Sad
here it is.
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PostSubject: Denied   Sun Jan 09, 2011 9:44 am


Thank you for applying to Never Ending Guild and good luck with your future endeavours.
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PostSubject: Re: Huglife - uh/frost deathknight.   

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Huglife - uh/frost deathknight.
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